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Thinkblue OneService

You probably wouldn’t entrust your print needs to your fleet management team. After all, what would a mechanic know about that brochure you need by 5pm? And where the new toner cartridge needs to be ordered from. Turns out, this is the very definition of transferable skills. Consider this – you know when to fill your car with petrol, and your fleet team will tell you when it needs a service or an MOT. You know if your local Tesco is cheaper than your local BP station when you go to fill up and your fleet manager will likely keep a wise eye on your mileage and petrol spend. So why not take the same approach to your printing?

Our print mechanics can put your print and ink through its paces with a comprehensive all systems service. This means looking at whether you are paying too much for ink cartridges, check the provision of print management and assess the understanding of your current print environment. We can take existing print fleets under our wing and move fragmented processes into a joined up, holistically managed service through Thinkblue. All of this and we don’t even need to sell you new printers.