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About us

Leading supplier of managed print, document and process services across the UK. Strategic HP Premier Partner.

We’re thinkblue

Thinkblue is a UK-based supplier of managed office hardware and software technology. We pride ourselves on offering a fresh knowledgeable approach that cuts through sales jargon and gets straight to the heart of what your business needs. We see things a little differently to other businesses. We truly believe that great service is the saviour of any relationship between customer and supplier, and we are confident that our localised global service offering achieves just that. Our goal in any business, whether that be big or small, is to create a strategy to take away pain points and move the business to a fully managed and maintained environment, giving you complete transparency and control.

By the year 2020 research indicates over 6.4 billion devices will be connected to WiFi, ranging from printers and computers to phones and even toasters. Investment is huge in understanding how the ‘Internet of Things’ will affect businesses in the future. Thanks to our partnerships with some of the leading pioneers of Smart technology in the UK, we’re able to stay at the forefront of everything new and exciting, which also means our customers will also be at the forefront. We are consultants to our customers, making them aware of new technology that could make a huge difference to them. The future really is in your hands with Thinkblue.

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Why thinkblue?
Complete managed solution for your business
Since day one at thinkblue, we’ve strived to create an ideal service platform for each and every one of our customers; our knowledge and experience has helped us to succeed in businesses of different sizes and in multiple sectors. We believe in our products and are always confident that we can tailor bespoke solutions for your company’s particular needs. Our audit process is completely free; with no strings attached we offer a full assessment of your business, giving you complete clarity of where potential cost savings can be made and productivity can be increased. Below are a just a few of the key benefits of how a thinkblue solution may be right for you.
Reduce your costs
We’re always looking for ways we can help you drive down your short, medium and long term costs from an investment and operational perspective. The solutions that we‘ve implemented with some of our customers have helped businesses achieve annual savings of over 30%. Throughout the duration of any partnership with thinkblue we will continue to present to you our ideas of how we can help further, whether that’s through new processes or the introduction of new technology and software.
Improve your productivity
We've made it our mission to refine your business' print and document environment. Organisations that we work with estimate that their IT departments can spend nearly 40% of their time on print related issues. We’re confident that with our bespoke solutions, organisations will see an immediate impact in eliminating wasted time and money, enabling them to invest that time in to other areas of the business.
Your trusted service partner
We truly believe our service programme sets us apart from our competitors. We have all the resources of a large independent, the knowhow to deliver on our promises and the intelligence to work to your business’ needs. But what we’re most proud to offer, is our local approach; we’re sure to make you feel like we’re right on your doorstep. With a specially trained workforce of engineers, product specialists and our friendly 24/7 client support team, you’ll never again feel like you’ve been left in the dark.